Show notes

What’s the future of more sustainable truck driving? Hydrogen! In this episode, Bosch engineer Michael Marino explains how he and his team develop fuel cell stacks that convert hydrogen into electricity. Each fuel cell produces less than 1 Volt, but hundreds of fuel cells stacked on top of each other can power long-haul trucks. For example, Nikola Motor Company have trucks with Bosch fuel-cell technology on the streets of the United States. These vehicles are quieter and accelerate faster than trucks with a combustion engine, and have 0 g/km local CO² emissions . Moreover, Shuko and Geoff (virtually) visit a farm - a hydrogen farm. Kore, a startup in California, is working on producing green, sustainable hydrogen made from farming waste.

The stack generates the electrical energy used to power the fuel cell electric vehicle. More Bosch podcasts: Beyond Bosch: Mighty Micro: