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Testing 1,2, 1, 2, can you hear me?….Whether we’re in a huge stadium, or our cozy homes, making our voices heard above the noise can be quite difficult. Few people know this better than musician Daniel Kemish, who plays his song “Just Tonight” exclusively for us from his very own kitchen. Daniel is a huge fan of gear from Electro-Voice, Bosch’s own brand of professional microphones and loudspeakers, a brand that our hosts Shuko and Geoff discover has its origins in a football field. Electro-Voice expert Bob Rieder explains the challenges of making voices and music sound great in a stadium, while engineer Andrew Pardoe tells us how he found solutions to these problems with the help of a computer farm. Andrew used these lessons to develop MTS, a giant loudspeaker that brings HiFi sound to massive venues. Plus, there are some special seasonal treats — for our hosts as well as for you, our listeners. Happy listening — and happy holidays!

Shownotes: Professional loudspeakers & mics by Electro-Voice

Our dear guest Daniel Kemish

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