Show notes

Chilling! Yes, that applies to both the autumn weather where our hosts Shuko and Geoff live, and the suspense in this episode: Will Bosch engineer Tom Collins find a climate-friendly way to heat homes in Britain? He has struggled for years to find an answer, until one day one meeting changed his thinking about what isn’t feasible and what is. Spoiler alert: Heating with hydrogen could be a solution…Speaking of the challenges of sustainable heating, we also talk about the Princess Elisabeth research station in Antarctica which can be heated with just solar and wind power. Guus Luppens has installed some of the solar panels with his own hands and tells us about his plans to make the station even less dependent on fossil fuels in the coming years. Get yourself a nice hot cup of tea (or coffee, cocoa, or cider) and listen!

Shownotes: Hydrogen-fired boiler https://www.worcester-bosch.co.uk/hydrogen

Our guest Guus Luppens works at the Princess Elisabeth station, which is run by the International Polar Foundation, based in Belgium. http://www.polarfoundation.org/about

Like a story straight out of Hollywood: Former astronaut Mike Foale talks to our hosts about his experiences with blackouts on a space station. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mmo2v9mFsxM

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