Show notes

Pedal to the metal, folks! This time around we’re at the race tracks of the world’s vibrant cities. We filled up on volts to meet professional race car driver, Nico Müller from Dragon / Penske Autosport Formula E team. Bosch partners with them, providing technology, software and support for their electric race car. The brain of the project is the vehicle control unit, which controls individual functions and sensors, and ensures maximum energy recovery rates. The development of the hardware and software requires engineers to think beyond individual components and take the entire system into account. Bosch associate Christian Schimpitz is one of these experts and talks about how learnings from Formula E also become important in providing e-mobility solutions in the consumer sector. Alright, let’s get started and make sure we don’t run out of juice.

SHOWNOTES: Race Highlights 2021 Monaco E-Prix:

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